Bucket List (to be edited later) (in life)

1. Travel: cross-country and abroad (though I must obtain a passport first) and go on a cross-country road trip. Eventually I plan on visiting Colombia and Finland where my mother and father claim descent, respectfully.
2. Finish all the movies on my Watch List (it totals 103) I made this a while ago, not for myself but I have a few other running lists of movies and shows I have to start or finish watching. Don’t ruin The Wire for me please.
3. Complete undergraduate and graduate school. Hopefully, I’ll get a job that will pay for grad school.
4. Get a cat and name her Layla
5. Get a dog and name her something relating to a book character (yet to decide who).
6. Get another cat and name him Milo
7. Take a month-long vacation with someone you love. Preferably abroad in Italy. I like the idea of staying there, drinking wine and eating tortellini to my heart’s content (or until I get a heart attack).

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