Weekly Summary

This week I felt that I was getting into the proper swing of things; my blog and social media profiles have been up and I feel more comfortable using them.  My favorite of the assignments I did this week was composing a playlist around the concept of hero introductions because I love how music plays a role in film and television (and in my personal life).  My daily creates took some work; I sidetracked myself trying to merge two photos together using Photoshop–a program I have never used before.   So a lot of time was wasted on something that, while I worked hard on, I was unsatisfied with the result so I scrapped it.  I think the daily creates I chose to do were creatively challenging enough but they didn’t consume my time like they are supposed to.  My other two assignments I chose because they were interesting and forced me to be more reflective.  For the bucket list, I do have a large running list of things I eventually want to do in life but never a reason for why I want to do them.  So the fact that we had to explain our reasons for what is on the list helped me realize that it is not about the quantity of goals you have but rather the quality and the goal’s personal importance.  I know from this week and for the weeks ahead, I have to work on my participation, like commenting on others’ blogs.

Hero Intros

My House Sigil

Bucket List (to be edited later) (in life)

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