Your friendly neighborhood Cheerleader

My character’s superhero name is Cheerleader, real name Katelyn Smith.   She used to live as your average high school student who only cared about her friends, her grades, and her cheering.  But all that quickly changed.   When she was 15 she was attacked by an evil alien princess, Katie accidentally killed her in defense.  Per the princess’s tradition, the person who kills you earns the powers and abilities that you possessed in life (she came a very violent planet).  Katie didn’t know what to do with her new powers of  energy conversion.  The kinetic energy generated from her movement instantly converted itself to electrical energy.  She had difficulty at first controlling it, accidentally electrocuting those around her.  But with time she managed to get a hang of them.  Her other power was super strength which she hadn’t discovered until months later during a kickboxing class.  She has not hit anything yet with the maximum amount of force for fear of the potential damage it could cause but that doesn’t mean she her hits are soft.  With her incredible powers, quick reflexes and easy flexibility, Katie decided to become a superhero, taking on the moniker Cheerleader.  Initially she just wore her high school cheering uniform but after getting it ruined a couple of times, Cheerleader decided to make her own costume specific to her extracurricular activity.  In the first couple of months of really working as a superhero, Cheerleader was vying for a position as a member of one of the professional hero groups but no call came.  She grew more frustrated until at 18, established her own hero squad.  The original group was composed of only five members but over time, it grew into an organization rivaling the size and status of the more established hero organizations.  Katie had to take some time away from being a superhero to attend college but she realized going to school and not working at what she did best only left her empty and unfulfilled so she quit to reclaim her position as founder and leader of her group.  She still wears her original uniform though she gets angry at anyone who assumes she’s in high school, the irony of which is not lost on her.


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