What makes a superhero and a superhero story

I’ve been made familiar with the Hero’s Journey prevalent throughout many different stories from different times and cultures.  However, I didn’t realize until Vonnegut’s explanation how incredibly common the type of stories we grow up with are.  Some of my favorite superhero stories are of heroes that have been beat down, broken by the weight of their past sins, only to rise later, stronger.  I think the stories we have to see depict people in worst situations than us so we can watch them overcome obstacles to find success as reminders that we cannot give up.

I watched the first episode of the Superman cartoon and could not believe that it was made in the 1940’s.  A couple months ago I had watched a video essay on the golden age of cartoon Superman where the narrator spoke specifically about this show.  From the video I learned that one of its creators created the machine that used for rotoscoping, an animation technique that animates over live action film to make the movement of the characters more realistic and natural.  The show so well-made and well directed, with the lighting on point, that it is such a pity that many people only remember the 1960s’ Superfriends as the first time Superman or any of his Justice League companions.  It was so bad–just so so bad.  And as a quick aside, the fact that they have Lois being an aviator is awesome and should be brought up more.

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