The Terrific Dazzler?

Here is a vague idea of how my character, The Terrific Dazzler would look like.  It was rather difficult to come up with a costume design since that’s never really been my forte.  I’m a simple girl, I like simple costumes.  She works most nights with a black, light-canceling suit.  If I could, I would have her wearing an overcoat as a sort of disguise.  I think I would have added more to her if the website wasn’t so annoying.  Eventually I got the hang of it but by that time I was so frustrated that I finished with this simple design.  I found it frustrating that the templates were categorized into standard then female standard.  It was also weird that when designing a female superhero, one could add boobs to the torso template.

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  1. I really liked how this turned out! I am also a simple-type of girl like yourself – so I can really appreciate the simplicity of the design you created for her costume. Wonderful job!

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