Where I Find My Quiet

These are the places where I like to go or imagine myself going whenever I need to collect my thoughts and recenter myself.  The one of the grass and the beach are both from Ocracoke, my favorite place ever.  It’s the last island of the Outer Banks, very small and lovely.  There aren’t any chain stores on the island and the town only takes up the south point.  The picture of the the river and rocks in here in Fredericksburg at the Rappohannok River.  My friends and I have often gone there for fun or a breather from classes.  Sometimes my best friend and I will literally go there for 15 minutes just to see the water or dip our toes in it and head out.  The bottom right photo is of me in the Simpson Library.  In general, I love libraries because of their quiet.  Finally the top right photo is of my house in the snow.  It’s where I grew up and where my parents and my dogs are so it’s just a naturally nice place to come back to (not for too long of course) as a means of re-centering myself.  Also I chose a photo of my house in the snow because I love the snow and the quiet that often comes with a snowfall in the early mornings, before anyone has touched it.