There was something there

We shouldn’t have been there so late at night.  We had come to the woods to walk around a bit, clear our minds.  But there was something glowing just over the hills.  This is as close as I could get until a voice yelled out at us to get out of there.  Then all of a sudden the light dimmed, almost going out, and we heard more voices.  One female, the other male, speaking in a language I’ve heard before but couldn’t understand.  I wanted to stay longer but my friends dragged me away, in fear of what could happen next.

In writing and taking this photo I was imagining my superhero character, the Terrific Dazzler, who can emit light from her body.  Last week I wrote a piece on what her daily life would be like so this week I wanted a photo that reflected what others could see her as.  I wanted to capture the fear of the unknown or the uncontrolled that non-powered/mutated people have for superheroes.