My House Sigil

So I’ve only ever read watched the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.  It was in high school and I binge-watched the 20 hours worth of television in a single weekend.  Seventeen-year-old me was quite proud of this accomplishment.  Despite not watching the episodes, I’ve kept up with the plot over the years just for fun.  The characters are fun and intriguing and the costuming is beautiful.  I also really like the mythology and the importance of house ties in the show so I was quite excited to do this assignment.

Originally I wanted my sigil to be one dealing with water because I come from a family of active swimmers.  I love swimming and the water; it brings me a sense of self and calmness.  However I didn’t find any symbol that was satisfactory.  I wanted the sigil to be more in line of the style of Game of Thrones and I liked the look of the swords together.  I chose the varying shades of blue to be reminiscent of water and the tag, “Together we strike” brings a sense of fearless togetherness.  I’d like to imagine that if my family’s house existed in the Game of Thrones universe, it’d be small, close to the water, more defensive than aggressive but unrelenting when provoked.  In other words, we’d be extinct by the end of the series.