Hero Intros


I put together this playlist with superhero-type characters in mind.  I really love how in movies certain songs are played along with the introduction of a character and at the climax of that movie.  These are meant to be character and moment-defining songs that stick in your head.  The songs that I put on this playlist are meant to those types of songs.  I initially was imagining songs that heroes can fight to  but that can vary too much or just be cliche.  There are some fight-y songs on this playlist that I feel can serve as character intros.  I imagined that most of the characters I would use these songs for would be teenagers coming to terms with their powers, how to use them and what to use them for.   Rather than melancholic melodies I chose songs with a strong beat and some screaming; really good songs to listen to when you’re walking somewhere and want to feel *powerful*.

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  1. Hi!

    I really liked your submission for this assignment as well as your playlist as I did a similar thing for my introduction to this class on SoundCloud. For my intro. I decided to find a theme song that if I were a super hero, I would want people to instantly sing it in their heads when they thought of me. Those songs definitely have a background, making them powerful and important to the character.

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