The Terrific Dazzler?

Here is a vague idea of how my character, The Terrific Dazzler would look like.  It was rather difficult to come up with a costume design since that’s never really been my forte.  I’m a simple girl, I like simple costumes.  She works most nights with a black, light-canceling suit.  If I could, I would have her wearing an overcoat as a sort of disguise.  I think I would have added more to her if the website wasn’t so annoying.  Eventually I got the hang of it but by that time I was so frustrated that I finished with this simple design.  I found it frustrating that the templates were categorized into standard then female standard.  It was also weird that when designing a female superhero, one could add boobs to the torso template.

Some Ideas for a Radio Show…

Currently I have two ideas for a radio show:

-a broadcast in the same vein as War of the Worlds but it has a group of supervillains attack a city and there’s a group of superheroes that must come and fight to stop them.  In some research on this, I realized that there was a radio show about Superman sort of like this however I want it to be more devastating, maybe depicting a fight that the heroes lose?

-a weekly talk show with superhero guests where they talk about themselves, their favorite fights, and other superhero gossip

Moon Graffiti and the Power of Storytelling Without Visuals

Image result for flag on the moon

This was such a powerful thing to listen to.  I had fairly low expectations given that my only experience listening to stories was My Prairie Home Companion on NPR.  But this was powerful and evocative–more real than expected.  It’s really amazing how much impact sound and sound design have on the stories we watch or listen to.  In listening to Moon Graffiti, I can imagine the realness of what it would have been like hearing War of the Worlds over the radio.

Even without the use of sound design or actors speaking their dialogue, directors have almost always used sound in the form of music to set the mood.  Sound evokes meaning and emotion, sometimes subtle, sometimes terribly overt but its ability to affect us as audience members is a feat in it of itself.

What was most striking listening to Moon Graffiti was the silence shared between the astronauts as they grappled with the reality of their situation.  The creators of this piece took an event in history seen as one of man’s greatest accomplishments and made it into a great tragedy.  It wasn’t hokey or predictable but very human.  We didn’t need to hear the actors tell us what was going on really or describe the setting or have to see the faces of the actors to understand what was going on or what emotions we should feel.  They followed the simple rule to storytelling where they showed us but didn’t tell us which is a bit ironic given the means of how the story was conveyed.  But it was really fantastic and devastating.

Remake the Genre!

I’ve listened to The Smiths probably the same amount as everyone else has; enough to like them to the point where I don’t have to listen to them all that much.  (It gets to a point where you have to say, enough Morrissey.)  In searching for cover songs I came across Bobby Bare Jr.’s cover for “What Difference Does It Make?”.  It’s a country cover which is really interesting that I like it since I don’t like most modern country songs.  However, in listening to both songs, I still like The Smiths original song a little better.  I think I like it better because its sounds a little smoother; the lyrics fit the genre better.  The cover is still excellent and I will listen to Bobby Bare Jr. again.

The Eyes Have It

I cheated a little bit by not using Photoshop, rather I have an app for photo editing where layering photos is an option so I just used that instead of tear my hair out over Photoshop.  In total there are five shots to this piece thought you can’t see all of them that well.  I really like the layering technique for photos because the more you look, the more you see.  I chose these photos because the lighting was really good and I took the selfies generally from the same angle so there is some unifying character to them.  Two of the layers are of me brushing my teeth (if you can spot the toothbrush).  Overall I had a lot of fun doing this assignment.

Where I Find My Quiet

These are the places where I like to go or imagine myself going whenever I need to collect my thoughts and recenter myself.  The one of the grass and the beach are both from Ocracoke, my favorite place ever.  It’s the last island of the Outer Banks, very small and lovely.  There aren’t any chain stores on the island and the town only takes up the south point.  The picture of the the river and rocks in here in Fredericksburg at the Rappohannok River.  My friends and I have often gone there for fun or a breather from classes.  Sometimes my best friend and I will literally go there for 15 minutes just to see the water or dip our toes in it and head out.  The bottom right photo is of me in the Simpson Library.  In general, I love libraries because of their quiet.  Finally the top right photo is of my house in the snow.  It’s where I grew up and where my parents and my dogs are so it’s just a naturally nice place to come back to (not for too long of course) as a means of re-centering myself.  Also I chose a photo of my house in the snow because I love the snow and the quiet that often comes with a snowfall in the early mornings, before anyone has touched it.

There was something there

We shouldn’t have been there so late at night.  We had come to the woods to walk around a bit, clear our minds.  But there was something glowing just over the hills.  This is as close as I could get until a voice yelled out at us to get out of there.  Then all of a sudden the light dimmed, almost going out, and we heard more voices.  One female, the other male, speaking in a language I’ve heard before but couldn’t understand.  I wanted to stay longer but my friends dragged me away, in fear of what could happen next.

In writing and taking this photo I was imagining my superhero character, the Terrific Dazzler, who can emit light from her body.  Last week I wrote a piece on what her daily life would be like so this week I wanted a photo that reflected what others could see her as.  I wanted to capture the fear of the unknown or the uncontrolled that non-powered/mutated people have for superheroes.

Weekly Summary #3

This week was a bit hectic.  But I got everything done and really enjoyed the prompts that were given to us this week.  I’ve mentioned this already in one of my writings that I’ve always been one to make up characters and stories.  So the ability to exercise my creativity and work on some creative writing (something I hardly ever am allowed to do given my majors) it was really liberating and fun.  My favorite assignment was definitely the day in the life prompt because we had no control over the character that was given to us on the superhero name generator site.

What makes a superhero and a superhero story